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Why is a Prosecutor a Higher Ranking Than a Lawyer?

Do you have any idea how much of a difference a prosecutor’s title has from a lawyer’s? While the roles of both lawyers and prosecutors are similar, the titles of a prosecutor differ greatly depending on the level of government and state. Prosecutors are civil servants who have a law degree and additional training in justice administration. Typically, they are elected by citizens.

Unlike a lawyer, a prosecutor’s position is protected by various safeguards. As the government’s legal representative, a prosecutor will always protect the interests of the public. They can only prosecute government officials who violate the law. In some countries, multiple offices exist for the same type of crime. In the U.S., for example, one prosecutor’s role is to pursue criminal cases against the public, while a lawyer’s job is to defend the biography.

Prosecutors are subject to laws written by legislators. Moreover, they are prohibited from withholding exculpatory evidence. To avoid conviction in criminal cases, prosecutors must request an acquittal if there is evidence that shows innocence of the defendant. While a lawyer is allowed to use his or her discretion, a prosecutor is bound by the law.

Prosecutors have a considerable amount of discretion over which crimes to pursue. Prosecutors often make policy decisions, which may include the size of the case, type of investigation, and remorse of the defendant. However, the prosecutor must also consider if another jurisdiction will step in to prosecute a crime. Finally, prosecutors have administrative duties.

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