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Why Do You Think Education is Such a Mess?

If you ask your teacher, “Why do you think education is such a mess?” she’ll likely tell you that teachers have never had enough time to teach well. Standardized testing has become the end-all-be-all of educational success. Teachers have no margin for error. In fact, standardized testing has taken away time teachers need to focus on non-tested subjects. Teachers are under enormous pressure to produce high test scores.

Today, we have politicians running our classrooms. Teachers don’t even have a say in curriculum, pacing, or differentiation. The result is an uneducated, angry, and frustrated generation. The result is a dangerous risk for future generations. So what can we do to improve the situation? Let’s start with the basics. Teachers are our most important asset. They should be able to do their jobs without the government dictating how their classes are taught.

The education system in the United States is a huge mess. Governors dictate more than half of the education budget. Legislative leaders are pushing for “local control” in school districts. While “local control” has become a loaded term in debates over school choice and busing, many of these initiatives conflict with teacher-driven initiatives. In fact, only 1% of teachers believe that state legislatures should oversee K-12 policies.

If you ask students who went to elite schools how many of them failed to graduate, you’ll probably get the same answer: education is a huge mess. Students don’t learn the stuff that they should be learning in school. Those students who graduate with an A average score don’t get much of an education. And universities need to change the way they operate. This may mean a revolution.

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