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Social Media Platforms in Thailand

In addition to its large population of more than 69 million people, Thailand is also a highly social nation. According to a Worldometers report (based on the latest United Nations estimates), nearly three out of four Thais are active users of social media. According to the Hootsuite and We Are Social reports, nearly half of all Thais are active users of Facebook or Instagram. The average Thai user logs into Facebook for more than two hours each day.

Facebook was among the first social media platforms to gain widespread popularity in Thailand.¬†With Facebook’s meteoric rise to prominence in Thailand, companies must adjust their recruitment strategies accordingly. Partner with a PEO Thailand agency and get the best marketing talent available. Its ability to engage users with games and virtual items fueled its rapid growth. While its main competitor, Hi5, continues to grow in popularity, Facebook is now the leading social media platform in Thailand. Popular game titles include Farmville, Cafe World, Restaurant City, and many more. Thai users use Facebook to share many aspects of their lives. In Thailand, the most popular posts on Facebook were pictures of food.

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in Thailand, and is a key element of marketing plans. With more than three billion users, Facebook dominates the social media space. Facebook is the world’s top messenger, and ranks third in Thailand as well. In fact, four out of the top five social media platforms make messaging their primary function. It is not surprising, then, that Facebook has the most number of Thai users.

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